OUR team

The Black Gold Transport Team

We are a diverse group of dedicated individuals with strong ties to Alaska and a passion for our community. Many of us are lifelong Alaskans or have spent many years forging deep connections to the state. We share a commitment to safety, the environment, and the success of our projects. We are professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, from human resources to logistics, accounting, maintenance, safety, compliance, and communications. We value spending time with our families, enjoying the outdoors, and giving back to our community. We all take great pride in doing our part to improve and serve our local communities, and we are committed to working collaboratively and efficiently to deliver the highest quality of service.

Our collective expertise and dedication contribute to making Black Gold Transport a reliable, safe, and friendly Alaskan trucking company.

Members of the Community

The family, friends, and neighbors that make up the Black Gold Transport team have a long-standing loyalty to serving the community. We strive to make contributions that make a positive impact, and our actions demonstrate this commitment. We have organized donations and provided volunteer hours to community events, local schools, the Fairbanks Community Food Bank and other non-profit organizations. Our employees participate in charity programs, community cleanup efforts, and are proud advocates who serve on various committees that support the community. We live, love, and play here; and by engaging in these types of initiatives, we are all helping to make the local community a better place for everyone.
43rd Annual Deltana Fair
100+ Golden Heart Women Who Care
Fairbanks Community Food Banks Service
greater Fairbanks chamber of commerce
Alaska Trucking Association
2023 Golden Days