BGT Trucking Route and Operations

Approximately 240 miles each way and 90% on public highways.

The trucks will deliver rock from the Manh Choh mine near Tok to the Fort Knox mill north of Fairbanks. The route runs along the Alaska, Richardson and Steese highways. It passes through Tok, Delta Junction and Fox, but bypasses downtown Fairbanks.

Trucks are expected to operate 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

On average: 60 trips per day, 2.5 trips per hour

Impacts Vary By Region: Current traffic volumes vary from a low of 200-300 vehicles on the road per day between Tok and Delta Junction to more than 25,000 vehicles on the road per day near Fairbanks. Ore trucking will increase traffic by 5-20% along the route.

Traffic increase is <1% in Fairbanks, and typically 5-20% along the route.

Safety Management

Black Gold Transport is committed to implementing a best-in-class safety program including:

Purpose-Built Trucks And Trailers

New custom designed highway tractor and trailer equipment will be operated and maintained for this operation to maximize safety and efficiency. The trucks will operate within the legal limits set by the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF). They are configured in a 95’ long B-Train configuration, which is safer than a typical 120’ A-Train combination. This combination offers:

Minimal Air Quality Impact

Noise Levels Meet EPA Standard

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