Information regarding the Manh Choh Ore Haul and our commitment to safety and community

Safety Management

Black Gold Transport is committed to implementing a best-in-class safety program including:

Purpose-Built Trucks and Trailers

New custom designed highway tractor and trailer equipment will be operated and maintained for this operation to maximize safety and efficiency. The trucks will operate within the legal limits set by the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF). They are configured in a 95’ long B-Train configuration, which is safer than a typical 120’ A-Train combination. This combination offers:

  • Minimal off tracking
  • Not susceptible to yaw (rear trailer whiplash)
    • Our 16-axle B-train has better braking performance compared to a standard 11-axle A-Train configuration currently on the roads of Alaska despite being a heavier truck.
  • The 16-axle B-train’s number of braking axles is increased by 45% while its gross weight is increased by only 14% when compared to the standard A-Train. Additionally, the 16-axle B-trains are equipped with “all-disc brakes.” Using disc brakes alone can result in up to a 30% reduction in mean stopping distance.
  • The 16-axle B-train is easier on Alaska’s roads, with 23% more tires on the ground, resulting in a decrease in ground pressure compared to a standard 11-axle A-Train configuration.

Minimal Air Quality Impact

Noise Levels Meet EPA Standard